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Red House Villas offers a series of unique activities to enrich guests stay in Tuscan villas. These include welcome aperitifs with local products, Bibbiano wine tastings, private tours of the vineyards, gourmet dinners, cooking lessons and home chefs, as well as traditional Tuscan braciate. These experiences are designed to immerse guests in the culture and flavors of Tuscany, offering unforgettable moments.
welcome aperitif

Welcome Aperitif

Start your holiday with us by savouring the simple, timeless flavours of Tuscan tradition, and enjoy an aperitif of locally produced cured meats and cheeses served with a selection of our wines.
Bibbiano tasting

Welcome to Bibbiano tasting

Embark on an exciting tasting journey that will reveal Bibbiano's extraordinary history and its exquisite range of wines. You will have the unique opportunity to sample all our wines, in a tasting journey lasting approximately 1 hour.
Bibbiano private tour

Bibbiano private tour

Experience the allure of a private tour where you will have the opportunity to explore our vineyards on foot or by off-road vehicle. After the tour, a wine tasting will await you, to indulge in the unique and elegant taste of our wines.
Gourmet dinner

Gourmet Dinner

Enjoy a gourmet dinner on the farm or in the elegant family villa for an exquisite 3-course lunch or dinner. Each course is carefully prepared and designed to perfectly blend the flavours and sublime harmony between our Chef's culinary creations and our finest wines.
Cooking class and private chef

Cooking Class and Private Chef

Let our trusted chef guide you through the preparation of the great classics of Tuscan cuisine and then enjoy what you have learned to cook yourself, comfortably seated at the table and served. Alternatively, we put a chef at your complete disposal who will come to your accommodation to prepare and serve you a 3- or 4-course meal.
Typical braciata

Typical Braciata

Antica Macelleria Stiaccini, a historic butcher's shop in Castellina in Chianti, will come to your accommodation to prepare for you the most typical Tuscan barbecue. Ribs, sausages and most importantly, large, succulent Fiorentine steaks. Sit at the table, sip our wine and enjoy the show and aromas of the blazing grill.

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